Writing a Novel?

Writing A Novel?
Have you always wanted to write a novel,? As a seasoned author or a fledgeling writer you know there’s more to writing a novel than pounding the keys non-stop for days on end.

I did the NaNo challenge for the first time a few years ago and it was exciting, gruelling, tiring and soooo rewarding! But I realized I could have used some help. So I set out to write down all the things I didn’t do that I would do the following year. I showed my notes to my friend and designer, Kirstie, and a few other writers and The Novel Author’s Workbook was published!

Some Things You’ll Need That Are In The Workbook
Daily Planner. Brainstorming. Premise. Outline. Character Profiles. Mapping. World Creation. Story Arc. Heroes and Villains… plus loads of inspirational posters to keep you motivated (or throw darts at when you realize you forgot to foreshadow something).

I mean, who knew characters need an arc as well as the story? Then there’s the little matter of tying the beginning to the end, and where every scene took place, and what the environment looked like, smelled like, felt like. And was I putting all these elements in? Not to mention the relevance of secondary characters and…and…and… And that’s why I created the Novel Author’s Workbook.

The workbook is available as a printed book to write in and also in our Etsy shop as a download and printable workbook you can use over and over again for all your brilliant future stories!

Here’s a Sneak Peek at Some of the Pages

What some authors said about the workbook on Etsy:
“If you write, you need this workbook. It will do nothing but good for your process. Totally worth every penny. I’ve made myself a binder and I do a little each day and it’s made a massive difference. Ideal for Preptober. The further I get into it, the better it gets. Will be further supporting these guys in the future for sure!” ~ Lacy

“Absolutely awesome! This author’s workbook is so useful and very well made! As described and shown in the pictures, the advice and worksheets are great! … 5 stars! :)” ~ Rachel

Creative Nonfiction Workbook

My best-selling workbook The Novel Author’s Workbook has been a huge success for many years and I’ve got some fantastic reviews. I’m chuffed the workbook has helped so many writers get their wonderful stories out into the world.

But I realized a while ago that I didn’t have a full workbook for writers who create nonfiction work. So, I remedied that this year.

I learned about the creative way of telling memoir when I was attending an online conference during the pandemic. When I realized I could tell my memoir as a story, I was hooked. Soon after I set about putting this workbook together.

What Is Creative Nonfiction?

“A factual narrative presented in the form of a story so as to entertain the reader.” — Wikipedia

I created this workbook for writers who want to make a nonfiction book from a creative perspective.
The worksheets and checklists are designed to help you keep your thoughts organized and focused.
This book is part of a collection of writing resources I wrote for my coaching clients at.

As with other forms of nonfiction, creative nonfiction relies on research and facts. While opinions may be offered within the story, the material must be verifiable and accurate.

As with other forms of nonfiction, creative nonfiction relies on research and facts. While opinions may be offered within the story, the material must be verifiable and accurate.

What will your book be about?

  • Genre – a historical story based on facts, memoir, biography, autobiography…
  • Core Concept–the underlying message you want to say to your reader
  • Format – how you want to present the information: short explanatory chapters, a creative nonfiction novel, a collection of short memoirs…
  • The benefit to your reader–how your book will influence your reader and what they’ll take away from it
  • Do you have something new to offer your readers, such as a different approach to your subject, updated information, or a unique viewpoint?
    I this hope this workbook helps you write your fantastic book with confidence and have fun as an author writing it.

You can get the workbook in print on Amazon or in digital format (download) from my Etsy shop

Worksheets for Writers

Hello everyone! I’m offering the Character Creation worksheets and World-Building worksheets from my Etsy shop. These are printable sheets to help you collect and organize your brilliant ideas. I hope that will help you get your fantastic stories ready for those who’ll be looking for something new to read.