Writing Heroes part 1 – Unlikely Heroes

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Benjamin T. Collier is back with us this week to talk about writing heroes into your story and he starts with Unlikely Heroes. Exactly what is an unlikely hero?

“Unlikely heroes are among the most popular kinds of heroes because they tend to be the most relatable. Most of us don’t feel like we could be heroes, but a lot of us wish we could be. To see someone like us, with the same disadvantages as us, plucked out of their normal everyday life and brought into an adventure where they somehow manage to save the day is one of the most inspiring kinds of stories. And there’s a lot of ways it can go wrong”… Benjamin on his blog.

Read the rest of Benjamin’s post on his blog and discover what elements you need for your character to make them an unlikely hero.

Thank you again, Benjamin, for sharing with us the art of storytelling.

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Happy Writing! ~ Lynne