Writing Your Memoir by Carolyn Wilker

Writing and Launching Your Memoir

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Over the early spring, coauthor Donna Mann and I put our last touches on our new book. The content had been in process for some time, but in the last year, we accelerated our efforts and were ready for our editor to do her work in May.

Our book will help newer writers who want to record their family stories or memoir who might not know where to start. (Being a new writer can feel that way.) In the book we offer ways to go about it and story prompts. Questions you can ask yourself as you put pen to paper or fingers to the keyboard.

We also differentiate between family story and writing memoir:

Based on our research and work, we understand family history and memoir to be different kinds of writing. We believe that family history is written by descendants who gather photos, information and any data (facts) that lead to their predecessors’ lives to piece the family narrative together. Memoir, on the other hand, comes from authors writing during their life about themselves and the influence of people around them and as such may include interpretation of what those circumstances mean to the writer.

Then it was our turn at revision, which we did, thoroughly. Heading for an August launch date, we planned with our moderator, Sarah Smith, for our Zoom room.

Our moderator did a fabulous job of introducing us, asking questions and gathering questions from chat (our audience of 70 + people was muted). We had our proof copy to show off at our August 8th launch on Zoom and took pre-orders.

Late August we were ready for the book to officially go to print. University of Waterloo print shop produced our book. At that time we could begin to fill the preorders.

The books were carefully packed (packing removed for photo) and a joy to finally receive. In my conversation with a fellow author, it seems each new book is as exciting to hold in print as the one before it. I found it to be that way too.

(selfie on evening of Meet and Greet for Write Canada)

Carol Ford moderated a Meet and Greet for The Word Guild’s 2020 Write Canada and invited us to participate.

Our book is available from me at https://www.carolynwilker.ca/discover-your-story/

and from our combined website  https://www.donnamann.org/carolynwilkerdiscoveryourstory.html

Any excerpts and further information will be shared on the combined website.

Order your copy today ($15.00 + mailing) and start recording your family stories or memoir pieces.

~ Carolyn