The Core Concept Of Your Story

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The Core Concept Of Your Story

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Do you know the core concept of your story? The thing that lays the groundwork for every other idea you have about your story?

Benjamin T. Collier, the author of several fantasy and sci-fi books, explains the importance of knowing what our core concept is for our stories…

“The Core Concept is the first thing to establish when you set to work on your story because it lays the groundwork for every other idea you might have for it. I’m not saying you need to make a Core Concept – if you have even a basic idea of a story then your Core Concept likely already exists. The important thing is to identify it. If you don’t know what your Core Concept is then you run the risk of making decisions that don’t fit the foundation of your whole idea – or worse – you run the risk of throwing out the Core Concept in order to make room for what should be lower priorities, not realizing that you’ve tossed out the very foundation of your entire story, and then you may wonder why nothing looks like what you had originally set out to do.

The thing to ask yourself is: why do you want to write this story? Why is it the one to come to your mind when you think of a story that you want everyone to experience? If you dig deep, there is usually a reason. Something you personally are passionate about.

Your Core Concept may be a particular character, in which case the story would very likely revolve around them. It may be a particular kind of world, dealing with certain laws of government or laws of physics. A particular kind of plot twist that you think no one will see coming. For me, it is usually an emotion – a particular thing I want the reader to feel at some point in the story and I can only think of so many ways to take the reader to that place, which gives me my foundation and my direction for how to tell the story.” continue reading at:

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