Writing Tension In Your Story

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What exactly is tension in your story, how do you write it, how important is it to your story, and how do you keep it going? Benjamin T. Collier joins us again today to help us with these questions about great storytelling.

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Writing Tension by Benjamin T Collier

“Simply put, tension is the only reason your reader will turn the page. It’s the only reason a viewer won’t switch the channel. Without tension, you lose the audience…

So what is tension? It’s a question. “Will this happen or won’t it?” “Will something different happen?” Every single scene requires some kind of tension in order to keep the audience interested, and every story needs an overall tension that remains (preferably) unresolved until after the climax, or even until the credits roll…” continue reading on Ben’s blog ‘Tension-Killers

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Ben writes more about great storytelling, reviews of movies and shows, and his views on everyday life on his blog.

Happy Writing!

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