The Storyteller’s Handbook

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The Storyteller's Handbook by Benjamin T. Collier showing mountains and rock formation

This handbook is a must-have for authors, especially new writers who may be embarking on a new career or tackling NaNoWriMo. Ben covers many topics and gives tips and advice on writing a successful novel.

“…Trimmed samples from some of the subjects covered in the book have already been published on my blog as individual posts, starting with The Core Concept and ending with How To Write Love Stories, with several other subjects in between. The book goes deeper into subjects like how to communicate your Message, the nuances of Tension, and different types of Heroes and Villains, including new material on writing lesser known Contagonists and Dark Mirror Villains.

I also added sections on writing Sequels and Prequels, and the adaptation of techniques like reader Association and something I call the Surrogate Burden to generate greater reader empathy…”

read more about the handbook on Ben’s own blog here.

Grab yourself a copy by clicking on the book image or go to THE STORYTELLER’S HANDBOOK on Amazon.

Happy writing, dear friends!

Lynne & Kirstie