Writing Heroes part 2 – Reluctant Heroes and Anti-Heroes

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Benjamin T. Collier is here with his next post on Storytelling. This week, he’s giving us some insight into writing about reluctant heroes and anti-heroes in our stories. I don’t know about you, but I had no idea there were so many different kinds of heroes!

Have you given much thought to which type of hero your story needs or what your hero’s personality will be?

Writing Reluctant Heroes by Benjamin Frog

“… Another relatable type of hero is the Reluctant Hero. In fact, these sometimes go hand in hand with Unlikely Heroes to make them even more relatable. It is a character who senses they have the option of doing something heroic but they spend considerable time in the story trying to avoid it”.

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Thank you, Ben, for another glimpse into the art of Storytelling.

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Pick up a copy of Ben’s “The Storyteller’s Handbook”.

Happy Writing! ~ Lynne