The Novel Author’s Workbook

New Novel Author’s Workbook

Do you have note pages strewn all over your desk or in files you can’t find?

Do you want to ditch all the scattered brainstorming papers and Word documents you have for your novel? We’ve got just the thing for you!

Our new author workbook is available from Amazon and Etsy and is designed to help you have a successful novel writing and book launch experience. The 200-page workbook will be a best friend as it helps you pre-write your novel, keep track of the details of your story and prompt you to develop it further.

Included in the workbook: – Ideal Reader Profile – ‘Choose Your Genre’ Exercise – Mind Mapping Templates – Crafting Your Summary Exercise + Checklist – World Building Template – 10 Inspirational Posters to encourage you as you write  – Character Brainstorming and more…

Here’s a sneak peek

worksheets for writers


Character Images & Profile Outlines plus pages and pages of ideas and worksheets for you to fill in, pages for you to draw your characters, scene settings, world-building and mapping, story structure template, pages for research, and monthly calendar with word count tracker.

…story timeline calendar, revision and editing tips, ideas for marketing and social media promotions, book cover design tips, how to write an author bio, designing a landing page, launch day, plus lots of extra pages for your notes.

This workbook is a must-have for NaNoWriMo prep, too!

If you prefer a printable version we still have the workbook available on Etsy too.

Helping you create something amazing,

Lynne and Kirstie