Writing Challenge Worksheets

Are you doing the NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) writing challenge this November or simply looking for a way to organize your creative thoughts? We’ve got some worksheets we think will help. Two bundles from our best-seller THE NOVEL AUTHOR’S WORKBOOK. We decided to gather some of our best worksheets which people have loved from our workbook and offer them as separate products for writers who don’t need or already have the workbook.


Printable Character Worksheets

This set includes 8 worksheets and 1 printable poster. Each page can be printed out as many times as needed.
– A poster that reads “Create Strong Characters” in calligraphy
– Character Brainstorm Sheet
– Character List Sheet for Names, Primary Role and Key Relationships
– 2-page Protagonist Profile
– 2-page Antagonist Profile
– ‘Other Characters’ Profile
– Character Development Chart

$5.00 cdn     GET THEM NOW on Etsy   

Character worksheets on Etsy



Printable World Building Worksheets

This set includes 25 worksheets. Each page can be printed out as many times as needed.

– Setting Worksheet
– 2-page World Building Worksheet – Landscape
– 2-page World Building Worksheet – Natural Laws
– 2-page World Building Worksheet – Society
– 2-page World Building Worksheet – Technology
– 2-page World Building Worksheet – Transportation
– 2-page History Worksheet – Folklore
– 2-page History Worksheet – Lost History
– 2-page History Worksheet – Forgotten History
– 2-page History Worksheet – Ancient History
– 3-page History Worksheet – Recent History
– World Mapping – Checklist
– World Mapping Example
– Graph Paper

$8.00 cdn   GET THEM NOW on Etsy

World Building Worksheets on Etsy







We hope you have a great writing adventure in November, even if you’re not joining in NaNoWriMo. Get together with friends or ask a trusted friend or colleague to be your accountability partner to help you get the work done and your book written.

Have fun!

Lynne & Kirstie