The ‘What If’ Of Your Story by Benjamin T. Collier

We’re continuing our reposts from Benjamin T. Collier’s blog with the ‘What If’ factor of writing a story.

What If?


Every work of fiction is a ‘What If’. With Science Fiction the What If is more obvious. “What if we had the ability to travel back in time?” “What if we could bring dinosaurs back?” “What if we could clone ourselves instead of having children?” But even contemporary fiction has a What If when you look closely. “What if a guy began a relationship with his best friend, but then the girl he’s had a crush on for years suddenly shows an interest?” Whatever scenario the story is dealing with – that’s the What If. It’s more commonly known as the Premise…”(read more)


What Comes Next In Your Novel?

Next time we’ll take a look at what Ben has to say about The Message you want to tell with your story.


Happy writing dear friends,

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