The Message In Your Story – part 2

Have you ever watched a movie from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s? What gets your knickers in a knot when you watch them? Chances are it’s something about the way we used to view life and how we treated each other. Personally, I get huffy when women are referred to as ‘the little lady’ in a condescending tone. But then, I also get riled up when men are given wimpy characters for no apparent reason.

Here’s Ben again with his insight into how not to write stereotypes into your story.

Woman weight training.

“I think the problem stems from the belief that the concept of women doing things is something that still needs to be proven, as opposed to treating it as if it’s common knowledge. Granted, there are cultures and even subdivisions within cultures that still view women as second-class citizens, or as hardly capable of thinking or moving around much, so there certainly does exist places in the world where the value of women is not common knowledge, but I know from experience that simply trying to argue a point rarely has the desired result. And that’s how most writers go about it. But turning it into an argument tends to have the opposite effect, just driving people deeper into their already held beliefs.” … 

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